My massage treatments are designed for anyone who suffers from muscular tension,
bad posture and injury or long-term pain and discomfort.

For those wanting to reduce the stress and anxiety in their lives, my therapeutic
bodywork, in the form of postural correction or a Thai yoga session, can have
huge benefits physically and emotionally.

I believe that by investing in regular massage therapy, my clients are helping
themselves maintain a balanced, healthy body and mind and nothing gives me
more pleasure than helping people take a step closer towards living a
stress and pain-free life.


Sports massage is a physical treatment that manipulates the muscles, joints & connective tissue. Combined with specific techniques it eases tightness, stress & fatigue caused by repetitive occupational, recreational or sporting activities.


A deep tissue massage is designed to alleviate chronic pain and muscle tension. It improves posture, increases mobility and speeds up recovery. This treatment is beneficial for anyone with issues around a specific group of muscles.


Designed to soothe the whole body and help you unwind. A relaxation massage can also help the nervous system, lower blood pressure, improve circulation and flush out toxins. It aims to promote physical health and mental wellness.


Thai Yoga is a traditional therapeutic practise and has multiple benefits including the relief of muscular aches and pains, improving circulation, boosting the immune system, balancing body energy and restoring harmony.


I qualified as a sports massage therapist almost a decade ago and I quickly discovered I could combine my desire to help people live a pain and stress free life with my love of travel. / / While touring Thailand in 2014, I took the opportunity to study both Northern and Southern styles of Thai Yoga Massage and in 2016 I qualified as a Correction Exercise Specialist whilst visiting San Diego. These courses helped me build on the knowledge I gained early in my career working as a sports massage therapist for teams of top athletes, who included a troupe of professional dancers and an international rugby team. The form and function of the human body continues to fascinate me and my latest qualification in postural correction techniques has added an exciting new dimension to my CV. / / I am able to draw on my various massage therapy qualifications to design and implement unique sessions for each client and to treat a huge range of sporting injuries, bad posture and other habits. I want to make sure my clients get the best out of themselves, their lives and of course – me.


Aska is here to help you acheive a stress and pain-free life…

Great work! Aska got me back on my feet after a long illness. I feel 10 years younger.
John Dunn
Aska was very professional, careful and highly skilled throughout our sessions. My ankle was much better after only a few weeks and now I’m back at the gym and enjoying my training. Thank you Aska!
Jim White
Thank you Aska for helping me get back into shape after my pregnancy.
Susan Peterson

Enjoy a balanced, healthy body and mind…