Massage Therapy: Relief from Headaches

Nobody wants to live in pain, and for people who suffer from headaches pain can be overwhelming affecting both their personal and professional lives

Usually this condition is treated with analgesics, that relieve the problem temporarily and “mask” the pain but don’t help on a long term run.

Whether the root of the headaches are hereditary, environmental or lifestyle related, some studies show that massage therapy can help with pain management.

Understanding the cause of client’s headache is absolutely crucial to a therapist/practitioner in choosing correct massage techniques that are performed during a treatment.

If it’s deep tissue massage that uses firm pressure with slow strokes to encourage deeper muscle layers to relax, a trigger point therapy that focuses on easing knotted muscles using direct pressure or a Thai yoga massage that relieves pain and muscle tension when compression, stretching, pulling or rocking are applied.

Researchers in Granada have shown that the psychological and physiological state of patients with headaches improved within 24 hours after receiving a massage.

Massage treatments performed on a regular basis help the body to maintain an optional level of relaxation and stress – relief. They also reduce anxiety and the chances of headaches by relaxing muscle spasms and trigger points.

This is your time to invest in your health, to truly take care of your body, wellbeing and reward yourself with the gift of a pain free and enjoyable life!

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