Don’t allow your pain to limit you living life to the fullest any longer!

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‘Don’t allow your pain to limit you living life to the fullest any longer. Corrective exercise will help you lead an enjoyable and rewarding life.’

Working as a sports massage therapist for many years, I have treated a range of conditions for clients whether the pain and concern was chronic or as the result of an injury. My passion for self-development took me to San Diego in California where I was trained as a specialist in corrective exercise at the widely recognised National Academy of Sports  Medicine (NASM). It was a great experience for me educationally, clinically and also personally.

I feel very blessed I am able to expand and share my knowledge of the human body, the physical abilities of the musculoskeletal system and the field of rehabilitative exercises. I’m intrigued by functional movement and passionately believe that integrating sports massage and exercise into everyday life is essential for a healthy and pain-free body. I love to encourage and motivate people to stay active regardless of their personal circumstances.

My teaching, advice and support is very manageable, with a simple 15-minute stretching and strengthening routine, producing positive, noticeable results, helping to elevate one’s life. Indeed, one of the most important parts is that both sports massage and corrective exercise will work, undoubtedly demonstrating real honest outcomes that are evident throughout sessions with my clients thus far.

This is your time to invest in your health, to take care of your body and your wellbeing and reward yourself with the gift of a pain-free and enjoyable life!

Aska Mucha – Insight Sports Massage
Practising at Grove Neighbourhood Centre
7 Bradmore Park Road, W6 0DT